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7 Essential John Wayne Films to Celebrate The Duke's Birthday

On May 26, 1907 a future film legend was born when Marion Morrison was welcomed into the world.  Morrison would change his name to John Wayne and go on to become, without question, the biggest western cinematic icon of all time.  Celebrate The Duke's birthday by watching any of these essential greats...

The Searchers

Director: John Ford

My personal favorite.  Wayne plays Ethan Edwards, an obviously anti-Indian Civil War veteran that dedicates years of his life to hunt down the pack of Indians that killed his family and abducted his young niece.  But are his priorities in order?


Director: John Ford

Wayne stars as The Ringo Kid, protecting a group of travelers on a stagecoach from the threat of Geronimo.

Rio Bravo

Director:  Howard Hawks

Wayne stars as a small town sheriff who needs to hold the fort and keep some outlaws from breaking one of their own out of jail until the US Marshalls arrive.  He enlists the help of a drunk, a kid and a cripple as his deputies.

The …

Top 20 "End of the World" Movies

So... the Rapture did not happen on May 21, 2011 like the crazy preacher Harold Camping predicted.  But that doesn't mean you can't get your fill of apocalyptic movies!  So we here at The Essential Films offer you the Top 20 End of the World Movies that you can enjoy in the post-non-Rapture days.

Many events can cause the end of the world, so they're all explored in this list... whether it's because robots, zombies, aliens or nuclear weapons, the worlds in these films features a human race that is on the brink of endangerment or is about to be wiped from existence.


#20 - THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1964)

Dr. Robert Morgan is the last man on earth (duh) after the entire world has turned into vampires.  Everyday he wakes up, gathers his weapons and goes hunting.  I Am Legend is a remake of this cult classic.

#19 - THE ROAD (2009)

This bleak vision of the future stars Viggo Mortensen as a father who, along with his son, tries to survive a post-a…

100 Greatest Movie Villains - Part 5: The Top 20!

20 - General Zod
PORTRAYED BY: Terrence Stamp
AS SEEN IN: Superman: The Movie (1978) Superman II (1980)
Join us. You have been known to disagree with the Council before. Yours could become an important voice in the new order, second only to my own! I offer you a chance for greatness, Jor-El! Take it! Join us!... You *will* bow down before me, Jor-El. I swear it! No matter that it takes an eternity, you *will* bow down before me! Both you, and then one day, your heirs! 
Krypton's most notorious criminal, Zod, was banished and sent to the mysterious Phantom Zone by Jor-El, Superman's birth father. As he was imprisoned he screamed that he would get his revenge on Jor-El and one day his heirs. Well, Jor-El blew up with the rest of Krypton, so when Zod finally escaped the Phantom Zone he had to settle for the Man of Steel himself. He and his thugs, Ursa and Non, came to earth and having the same Kryptonian DNA as Superman, were also gifted with the exact same super powers. Unfortuna…

100 Greatest Movie Villains - Part 4 (#40-21)

40 - The Shark
PORTRAYED BY: A special effects team
AS SEEN IN: Jaws (1975)
We're gonna need a bigger boat.

39 - Hans Beckert
AS SEEN IN: M (1931)
 But I... I can't help myself! I have no control over this, this evil thing inside of me, the fire, the voices, the torment! 

38 - Eve Harrington
AS SEEN IN: All About Eve (1950)
 If nothing else, there's applause... like waves of love pouring over the footlights. 

37 - The Alien(s)
PORTRAYED BY: Various stunt men and puppeteers
AS SEEN IN: Alien (1979) Aliens (1986)
What do you mean, "*They* cut the power"? How could they cut the power, man? They're animals! 

36 - Roy Batty
PORTRAYED BY: Rutger Hauer
AS SEEN IN: Blade Runner (1982)
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die.