Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Last Man On Earth (1964) - Watch the Full Movie

Watch the movie that was later remade as The Omega Man and I Am Legend.  The Last Man on Earth is one of the 1000 Essential Films and thanks to the power of public domain you can watch it here... for FREE!  Enjoy!

The Last Man on Earth
1964, American International Pictures

Principal Cast:  
Vincent Price, 
Franca Bettoia, Emma Danieli, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart
Ubaldo Ragona, 
Sidney Salkow
Producers:  Robert L. Lippert, Samuel Z. Arkoff, Harold E. Knox
Screenplay:  Furio M. Monetti, Ubaldo Ragona, William Leicester, Logan Swanson
Cinematography:  Franco Delli Colli
Plot:  When a disease turns all of humanity into the living dead, the last man on earth becomes a reluctant vampire hunter.  (Courtesy:  IMDB)

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