Sunday, March 5, 2017


On a night chock-full of surprises, YOUR favorite movie podcast is back to recap the “Night of Gold!”

Join SportsGuy515 & Adolfo as they travel back to last Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony and give their thoughts on the night’s winners, as well as recapping the show’s highlights – including the HUGE Best Picture flub that had EVERYONE talking all week! Topics include:

-The awesomeness of JACKIE CHAN.

-Thoughts on JIMMY KIMMEL as host.

–SUICIDE SQUAD is now a Oscar-winning film – and that’s not an alternative fact.

-A theory as to why VIOLA DAVIS was nominated for Best Supporting Actress when her performance was that of a lead actress.

–“GARY FROM CHICAGO” and why the Internet ruins everything.

-The controversy surrounding CASEY AFFLECK’s nomination (and win) for Best Actor.

-Was THE SALESMAN’s Oscar win the Academy’s way of sticking it to Donald Trump?

-The BEST PICTURE FLUB and how it could’ve been prevented.

-What should make a “Best Picture winner?” The guys discuss what criteria should be used in picking a winner, and did MOONLIGHT deserve that honor?

-…and MORE!

Relive Hollywood’s biggest night in wacky fashion!! Walk down the red carpet with us and DOWNLOAD/STREAM NOW!!!

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