Sunday, August 11, 2013

FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.35 – Enter the Matrix, Part 3

Mr. Anderson, welcome back.

THE FINALE HAS ARRIVED!!! Join SportsGuy515 and Adolfo, along with special guest Big D, as they enter the Matrix for the final time with a discussion (fancy word for “bashing”) of the final film in the trilogy, The Matrix Revolutions. Big D also reveals the story of how he trolled the internet with his fake Matrix Revolutions script. Plus, “The Wachowskis Drinking Game”, trilogies that are BETTER than The Matrix, good ol’-fashioned TWILIGHT-bashing, Big D and Adolfo hype up The Conjuring, and MORE! A MUST-LISTEN!!! NEARLY 3 HOURS OF CONTENT!!! DOWNLOAD/STREAM NOW!!!