Thursday, July 5, 2012

FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.19 – BATMAN, Part 1: “Origins, Camp, and Rebirth” (w/Special Guests BIG D, MR. EDDIE, and HAMZA)

With 16 DAYS left until the release of “The Dark Knight Rises”, is proud to present another Special Edition of FORCED PERSPECTIVE, chronicling the on-screen history of BATMAN. Join SportsGuy515 & Adolfo, along with returning guest co-hosts Big D, Mr. Eddie, and Hamza (b.k.a. Dave) as they begin their journey by examining Batman’s early years, including the 1940s serials, as well as the infamous “Batman” TV series, which spawned the 1966 film, before discussing Batman’s cinematic rebirth in Tim Burton’s 1989 film, as well as its 1992 sequel, “Batman Returns”. OVER 2 HOURS of BAT-TALK. DOWNLOAD/STREAM NOW!